How Does It Work

Once your subscription has been approved, our team will send you the details to connect to our webinars so that you can see our screens, listen to our advices and see the trades that we are about to make. Check out the video below to get an idea of how our live webinars work.

Trading Hours

Our trading method consists on scalping based on price action. We open our webinars twice a day at regular hours. The first session of the day takes place in the morning hours of Europe from 9am to 11am and the second session in the afternoon in Europe from 2pm to 4pm, during the overlap between Europe and US trading hours. These are the main trading hours when we go live but they can be extended and extra webinars can be added if there are major economic events coming up.

We trade mainly the EUR-USD, USD-JPY, USD-CAD and when opportunities present themselves, the DAX, the US30 and gold. Outside these trading hours, we keep in touch with our members and send messages through the Telegram application if there are trading opportunities.

Another benefit of trading with us through our webinars is that you can ask questions during our trading sessions.